SEA launch report on Technology-Agnostic Approach to Heat and Buildings

This comprehensive report advocates for a technology-agnostic approach to decarbonising buildings, emphasising tailored solutions to achieve optimal outcomes. The SEA have been a proponent of a 'fabric-first,' holistic strategy for decarbonising buildings.

PRASEG joined the Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) on the launch of their report on "Policy Barriers and Solutions for a Technology-Agnostic Approach to Heat and Buildings."

The launch took place on Thursday 25th January hosted by PRASEG chair Alan Brown MP.  The SEA’s policy advisor, Ben Copson gave a compelling overview of the report and key findings. The speech was followed by a Q&A with an expert panel including Matthew Aylott (Electrification of Heat Policy Lead, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero), Stacey Lucas (Vice President, Building Controls Industry Association), Gary Parker (Head of Technical Standards, ECA), Katrina Young (Practice Manager for Heat Policy & Local Energy, Energy Systems Catapult), Matthew Dodds (Director, Commercial Division, Herschel Infrared) and Johan du Plessis (CEO, tepeo).

The report assembles industry expertise, elucidating why incorporating a diverse range of low-carbon technologies into heat and buildings policy is imperative for achieving Net Zero. It underscores the necessity for evidence-led, data-driven, bottom-up decision-making that is technology-agnostic. It challenges the government's current policy, depicting how it may serve as a barrier to an outcome-based strategy. This report provides a robust foundation for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and the public to engage in informed discussions and decisions regarding the future of decarbonising buildings.