PRASEG host Bulgarian Parliament’s Energy Committee on their UK visit

On the 12th December 2023, PRASEG welcomed the Bulgarian Parliament’s Energy Committee in Portcullis House to meet with MP's and industry to discuss a new Offshore wind sector informed by UK policies for grid capacity, market mechanisms, job opportunities and public engagement.
Alan Brown MP with Bulgarian Energy Committee

Alan Brown MP chaired the meeting with experts from OFGEM and Renewable Energy UK addressing the industry challenges in creating an Offshore Wind sector. Bulgaria at present lacks the legislative framework, environmental investment and infrastructure, but have urgency to diversify and ambition in abundance. Their visit and dialogue is a testimony of their determination to shift from gas imports to renewables. 

Following the meeting with Alan, the delegate met with Peter Aldous MP to continue discussions on policy and public engagement in Offshore Wind. The sharing of the UK's extensive policy frameworks and successful public engagement strategies in the sector will hopefully prove useful to Bulgaria in charting its own path toward renewable energy.

We look forward to possible engagements with the Energy Committee in the future in support of efforts to regionalise energy security.

Peter Aldous MP with Bulgarian Energy Committee