Road to Glasgow Series: EU Plans for COP26

PRASEG and the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit held another Road to Glasgow briefing - this time looking at the EU's diplomatic position and strategy ahead of COP26.

Ahead of the first COP since Brexit, we heard from a strong panel of advisers and analysts, including a lead climate negotiator for the EU, along with a number of MPs.

Road to Glasgow: EU’s Plans for COP26

What:  Panel event to discuss the European Union’s plans ahead of COP26 climate conference

When:  10:00 – 11:00am Tuesday 27th April 2021

Where: Webinar 


  • Bim Afolami MP (chair); Member of Parliament for Hitchin and Harpenden and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for renewable and sustainable energy. 
  • Jacob Werksman, Principle Advisor EU Commission
  • Pete Betts, Associate Fellow, Chatham House, former Head of UK Government International Climate Unit and EU Lead negotiator; 
  • Lara Lazaro Touza, Senior Analyst, Real Instituto Elcano; 


The latest in the PRASEG / Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit series of Road to Glasgow briefings to inform Parliamentarians, Media, Industry & Civil Society of the priorities of other countries for the conference.  

The discussion covered the EU’s negotiating priorities for the COP along with the wider landscape of climate policy in Europe. It covered the EU’s domestic decarbonisation plans, the consensus across member states to sign up to an ambitions deal; and EU plans to work with the other key players, in particular the USA and China, to bring about consensus for ambitious targets.